Buy Kratom by the Truckload

Emerald Kratom can get you taken care of! Our dedicated warehouse will ensure you get good quality powder for a competitive price. In order to buy kratom by the truckload, we recommend a facility with ample space. There are a lot of great benefits to buying kratom by the truckload. Let’s discuss further.

Price Competition

When looking into selling kratom yourself, you get the best deal if you buy kratom by the truckload. Be careful with vendors claiming they can sell large amounts of kratom. We recommend doing COD for any large purchases. FedEx allows up to $100,000 to be collected via COD. We would recommend to use a Cashier’s Check if you are going to make purchases of that size. For a company you have never done business with, we recommend purchasing 1 ton and working your way up. Emerald Kratom sells 500kg – 100 tons or higher via freight truckload. We also accept COD for your convenience. This way you can buy kratom by the truckload and not have to pay until you actually receive it. Once you have built a relationship, you can wire the money over directly when you feel comfortable.

Quality Control When You Buy Kratom by the Truckload

Some vendors who sell kratom by the truckload end up losing out on quality. In order to break down large amounts of kratom into smaller bags, finding quality kratom is imperative. Consistency is key. With Emerald Kratom, you can buy kratom by the truckload and rely on getting high quality kratom powder – every single time. There are vendors moving so much powder that they do not have time to check it. Emerald Kratom stands behind our process of double checking every single batch of powder that comes in before we ship! Our goal is to make you AND your customers happy 🙂

Shipping Times

When inquiring to buy kratom by the truckload, it is best to prepare in advance. Before taking a deposit from your customer, contact Emerald Kratom to get a quote on estimated shipping times. Generally, it will take anywhere from 1-5 days for it to reach anywhere in the continental USA. We ship the same day, or following day, as long as kratom pallets are ready to be shipped. When buying kratom by the truckload using COD, we will ship as soon as we have picture proof of the cashier’s check. Funds that are wired directly to our account will be accounted for and the kratom will ship immediately. Our goal at Emerald Kratom is to provide the fastest turnaround times possible, as we know your customers do not want to wait!