Reason Why You Should Never Buy “Cheap” Kratom

During your search for cheap kratom, you will discover vendors have different prices. Some may be drastically different while others are very similar. However, as with anything in life, you get what you pay for. When it comes to cheap kratom, the saying stands for the entire industry. Unfortunately, this is the issue with the FDA not regulating kratom correctly – especially cheap kratom. If you have been around the industry and you have tried a lot of different vendors, you may be surprised. There is a major difference between cheap kratom and regular priced kratom. We hope to educate those who are wondering what the difference really is.

Moringa Oleifera Blended With Kratom

Moringa Oleifera is a very common supplement type product that is known by its shorter name “Moringa.” You can Google search “Moringa powder” to find listings all over Amazon, Walmart, etc. This is a very popular product and is also very cheap. Moringa comes directly from Indonesia in the same way that Kratom does. However, most vendors do not realize they are buying blended kratom powder. They will buy a large amount of what they believe to be is Kratom and then try to undercut everyone else in the market by selling cheap kratom. The issue here is the suppliers from Indonesia have been known to blend Moringa into their Kratom batches in order to cheapen the entire batch. This is how some vendors are getting away with such cheap kratom powders on the market.

Green Tea Blended With Kratom

Not only will you find cheap kratom being blended with Moringa, but you will also find kratom powders that are blended with certain green tea powders. Again, this helps the “farmers” lengthen the amount of Kratom powder they have available to sell by blending it with green tea powder. This will make the kratom powder extremely cheap, but even if you test the powder through a lab, it will still show as “mitragyna speciosa.” Vendors will see the lab results and immediately believe that what they have is Kratom powder. However, if they tested for green tea or moringa, they would also see their tests come back positive for these products as well.

How to Know if You’re Buying Blended Kratom

In order to determine whether you are buying cheap kratom that has been blended with another product, we would suggest two things:

* Check the price that the product is being sold at

By checking the price, you will immediately be able to tell if you are purchasing cheap kratom that has been blended. There are different qualities of kratom powder depending on how they are dried, grown, harvested, filtered, etc. The cheapest kratom powder you find should not be any lower than $100/kg. However, you must realize that when you buy $100/kg kratom powder, you are also buying kratom powder that has stem/vein left inside of it and kratom powder that was not properly dried. This means moisture is left in the kratom powder itself which can grow into what is known as “coliform.”

* Ask the vendor if they know whether or not is being blended

99.99% of the time, a vendor will deny that their powder is blended with anything. If the powder is under $100/kg, we would recommend asking them either way. If they deny, then you can take the chance to purchase a small amount to test for yourself. However, we still recommend asking – especially over the phone – just to see how the vendor/customer service agent answers the question. Most vendors do not even realize they have cheap kratom powder that has been blended, so they may appear to answer honestly. Be careful!

* Purchase a small sample for yourself and give it a test

As we stated above, you can always buy a small amount, or request a free sample of the cheap kratom powder. Vendors have been known to send their absolute best powder as a sample. They will send their worstt powder(s) once the customer comes back to purchase. This is so they can increase their profit margins by selling blended, cheap kratom powder without anyone realizing it.

Once you have received the sample for yourself, you can either send it off for a lab test, or become educated on what green tea/moringa/etc type of powders look, feel and smell. From there, you can determine if you have purchased a cheap kratom powder that has been blended.

Stay Away From Cheap Kratom Powder

We recommend staying away from cheap kratom powder. As the saying goes, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” The same goes for kratom products. People will always take advantage. Within an industry that is vastly unregulated, your best bet is to find a reputable brand and stick with them. If you are looking to buy kratom, Emerald Kratom is the way to go. We have proven time and time again that we handcraft some of the highest quality kratom powder on the market. The owners of Emerald Kratom has been doing this for almost 10 years; we have seen it all. Our goal is to show there are still businesses with ethical/moral standards who provide quality kratom products. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated; we sell products that we would want to purchase.