Kratom Payment Information

by | Jun 13, 2019

Buy Kratom with eChecks

eChecks are one of the best payment methods within the Kratom industry because you do not have a credit/debit card company dictating whether or not you are allowed to process payments for the product you are purchasing.

Since Kratom is considered a “high risk” product, credit card companies can shut down vendors at any time. This is why you will see vendors accept credit/debit cards for a certain period of time, but all of a sudden, they get shut down.

Due to this, we really think eChecks are the best alternative.

How to Pay With an eCheck:
  • Must have a checking account in the USA that allows for checks to be written from the account (NOTE: some banks may decline the charge if they do not allow electronic checks, but 99% of banks allow electronic checks)
  • Take note of your Account number/Routing number for your checking account.
  • Take note of your billing address.
  • That’s it! At checkout, we will ask for your billing address (same as a credit/debit card), your Routing number and Account number! As long as everything is entered correctly, you will have zero problems getting your order shipped!

Final Notes for Buying Kratom via eChecks

The only issue you will run into is if you either:

A.) type your information into the boxes incorrectly, as your eCheck will not process and will “return” back to your account. If the eCheck returns back to your account, that is considered a “bounced check” and will charge us a $12.00 fee. In order to make sure we are not losing money, we will pass this fee onto you when you repay for the product. This is why we ask that you watch very closely when typing in your information during the checkout.

B.) if you type in your information correctly, your bank could deny the transaction as explained above. There are random banks that do not like electronic checks, but they are usually very small banks. 99% of banks are perfectly fine with bounced checks, but if your bank does block a check from going through, we will attempt to work with you in order to not charge you the bounced check fee. It will tell us on our end if a check bounces due to “wrong account info,” “insufficient funds,” or “refer to maker.” Refer to maker generally means the bank stopped the eCheck from processing and you may have to speak to the bank directly if this happens.

Buy Kratom via C.O.D (Collect on Delivery)

Buying kratom using Collect on Delivery (COD) is one of the greatest payment methods that have ever been created – especially for this type of industry!

How COD Works:
  • Place your order through the website and choose “COD” as your payment method at checkout.
  • You will not be asked for any type of payment information. You will simply place your order and we will ship it upfront.
  • You must be available when the courier delivers your package OR they will hold it at the Post Office for you to pick it up. You must pay for the order before they can deliver the package to you.
  • If you miss the delivery, simply bring your Identification to the USPS and they will allow you to pay for a money order right there at the clerk – this makes it extremely easy!
  • NOTE: If you order via FedEx/UPS, you may or may not be able to pay for it at the local facility. We recommend you calling your local facility and asking them if you can pick it up locally in the result that you either miss the delivery, or you are simply trying to plan ahead.
  • Once the package has been paid for, the shipping company is responsible for sending the payment back to us! (Make sure you save your receipt just in case we have any issue receiving the payment back from the shipping company!)

Final Notes for Buying Kratom via COD

COD generally works successfully 99% of the time. We recommend using FedEx/UPS over USPS, as USPS has a much higher chance of either losing your package on the way to you, or losing your payment as it’s on the way back to us. UPS/FedEx has a 99.99% success rate, while USPS has around a 95-98% success rate.

As explained above, please save all receipts when you pay for your package via COD. If the delivery driver does not offer a receipt, we would strongly recommend asking them for some type of proof that you made the payment. This way, if the delivery company loses your payment while it’s on the way back to us, you can prove that you paid for it and we can prove to the shipping company that you paid for it as well.

Other than that, COD is an amazing way of making payment, as it almost feels like the shipping company is working for Emerald Kratom! They are not though, so make sure you are not asking them any questions that would be better for us to answer.

Buy Kratom via Mail-In Payments

There are two ways you can do this.

First Method (Contactless):

  • Submit your order through Emerald Kratom’s checkout.
  • Your total amount to be paid will appear on the page after you submit your order.
  • You can then make a money order/cashier’s check/personal check for the exact amount, write it out to the company name provided (Please ask for our business account name before sending the check – it is not “Emerald Kratom” – for security purposes).
  • Once we deposit the payment and it clears the bank, we will then ship your order. Once we have a few successful orders from you, we may be able to ship your order before the payment even makes it to us!

Second Method (Direct Contact):

  • Contact us directly and tell us exactly what you want to order. You can call, email or live chat during business hours.
  • If you want to use any type of specific shipping for your order, let us know.
  • We will create the order for you and send you the confirmation of the order. This way, you can see the payment total for your records as well.
  • Make sure to ask us for our address/who to make the check out to before sending the payment.
  • Once you send your payment, we will ship your order when the payment has been deposited/cleared.
  • As noted above, if you have ordered a few times with us, we may be able to ship your order immediately. This will be in good faith that the payment will be sent the same-day we ship your order.

That’s it!

The more successful orders you are able to build up with us, the easier it is for us to work with you on getting orders out immediately.

The goal is to accomodate you and make it as easy as possible to pay your order; we do not like our customers to become frustrated simply trying to place an order with us.