Diamond White Borneo Kratom Powder

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Diamond White Borneo Kratom powder comes from the borneo region and is a very heavy focused Kratom powder.

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Diamond White Borneo Kratom Powder

Emerald Kratom’s Diamond White Borneo Kratom powder is a pristine, focus balanced White Kratom strain, which is why it lands in our “Diamond” collection. Diamonds are precisely crafted to be as pristine for the customer as possible. We bring that same respect to our Diamond collection. White Borneo Kratom powder strains – and Borneo Kratom powder strains in general – are a strain/region that does not get talked about enough. As we have mentioned throughout the website, the “strain” represents the region in which the powder comes (for the majority). Some of these regions throughout Indonesia – Southeast Asia in general – may not grow Kratom as heavy compared to other regions. The Kratom, depending on region, could be harder to access, or, even worse, the government of these different regions make it a crime to harvest it. Our Diamond White Borneo Kratom powder is a very high quality, precisely crafted powder that was cared for not only during its growth process, but its entire packaging process. All powders are dried away from direct sunlight, under cool temperatures, cleaned properly, filtered/removed stem/vein content and packaged in a clean environment in order to produce a Gem Quality Kratom powder.

Our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Our policy is simple: If you receive your Diamond White Borneo Kratom Powder and it does not meet your expectations, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. We can provide you a full refund for the amount of kratom powder that is still tangible. Refunds for all kratom orders are based on the amount of powder we receive back from you. If the package was never opened, then you will be refunded/exchanged for the full amount of your kratom order. If you return 50% of the kratom powder, then a 50% refund will be issued.

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1 review for Diamond White Borneo Kratom Powder

  1. James Capps (verified owner)

    I use the white as the base for crafting most of my potions.
    2g white, 2g green, orange juice, Turmeric root 1g.
    Uplifting, reducing potion

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