Emerald Green Riau Kratom Powder

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Emerald Green Riau Kratom powder (sometimes misspelled as “Raiu”) comes from the Riau providence on the island of Sumatra.

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Emerald Green Riau Kratom Powder

Emerald Kratom’s Emerald Green Riau Kratom powder is an interesting strain, as genuine Riau’s are really dependant on the supplier within Indonesia. A lot of suppliers will source their strains from these different regions of Indonesia. Having a supplier with a good network allows you to always have these genuine strains available. Whether you are experienced or not, the Riau strain in general is a great one. At the end of the day, Kratom is Kratom powder. The different regions will change the alkaloids structure or percentages, but as long as you are getting a green kratom powder with a great, fresh smell and feel, then you know you are getting a quality powder. As with all of our greens, the adjective “Emerald” speaks for itself. We strive to keep all of our Kratom powder a green color, as we have dealt with private companies for years that have had success with these types of powders. Brown/Very Red physically colored powders are generally strong smelling, grainy feeling and has been destroyed by the sun in order to dry faster. Kratom powder that is dried under the sun does not meet the requirement of a Gem Quality Kratom powder. Our shade dried Kratom powders helps create the consistency in our powders, but you can of course learn more on our Gem Quality Guarantee page.

One important fact about the region of Riau and where this Emerald Green Riau Kratom powder originates from is that it is very commonly misspelled as “Raiu.” Unfortunately, as it gets misspelled, people learn that as the first way to spell it and it gets stuck. It then spreads and we end up with a common misspelling. However, the spelling directly affects how it looks to be pronounced, so it is important to know the spelling in order to assume it’s pronunciation correctly. If you want to pronounce the word “Riau” correctly, check out this video on YouTube with an English/American pronunciation of the word. The Spain/Spanish pronunciation should also be taken into consideration. Other than the common misspelling, Riau is claimed to be the largest province of the Sumatra island. A very rare strain that we are always on the lookout for is Sumatran strains, but Riau is a great alternative with it being on the island directly.

Our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Our policy is simple: If you receive your Emerald Green Riau Kratom Powder and it does not meet your expectations, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. We can provide you a full refund for the amount of kratom powder that is still tangible. Refunds for all kratom orders are based on the amount of powder we receive back from you. If the package was never opened, then you will be refunded/exchanged for the full amount of your kratom order. If you return 50% of the kratom powder, then a 50% refund will be issued.

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